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Law Enforcement And Your Family

How did your parents/family members, feel when you told them that you wanted to be in Law Enforcement, How did they react? Did they support you? When I told my parents that I wanted to be a Police Officer, they tried to talk me out of it, but now, they support me.

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  1. Anna Says:

    Hey there. I was just wondering how you eventually made the decision to go into law enforcement. I have wanted to desperately for ears, but never really allowed myself to consider it as a serious career option because of how my parents feel. Now I’m entering my second Semester as a pre-med student at Boston U and It’s killing me that I just don’t know how to decide. Was there anything really obvious telling you that law enforcement was right for you?

  2. lewisipso Says:

    I never had anything else in mind from the time I could remember. Don’t ask why because I don’t know. I was just what I was meant to do.
    In your case this may be your hint.
    “I have wanted to desperately for years”

  3. zhebert Says:

    I am a young deputy and my biggest issue was my friends and peer feeling like a turned on them some sort of way like “oh he’s a cop now” and what not. but i’ve found eventually people get used to it but it;s just the constant comments from people that get annoying you and only smile and laugh it off so much.. but eventually they lessen and people start to accept it.

  4. COwoman Says:

    I am a deputy sheriff. My family did not support me very much at first. I think they were afraid the worse would happen. I thought maybe they just didn’t understand. Over time it has gotten better, however it takes an enormous amount of my time away from my family and can be greatly stressing at times. That is the struggle. The desire was always there to become part of law enforcement. Some times I wasn’t sure why I chose this career but now every day that goes by ensures me that the events that take place while on the job is why I chose what I did. It is what it is and I love it. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t. It’s wonderful you have the support now because it will be easier with your family by your side. When I graduated the academy I had small children, 6, 10, and 12 years. No one really understood why, I as there mother would take a risk to the possibility that one day I may not ever return home or that hug or kiss goodbye could perhaps be the last. I realized that but any moment could be the last no matter what career we chose. I have made them proud to have gone as far as I have. Some times I thought I wan’t going to make it myself. I set an example for them as well. Some times I question why I do what I do…but every day I see my precious family…I know why! My oldest is my son and he tells me he is joining the military…does a mother really want to hear those words?…But I would never be negative or do all I could to talk him out of it, I would support him 100% all the way. Some people were just made do some of the things no one else ever could or would want to do. I have people tell me all the time, “I could never do what you do.” I do it because I have just got to! I couldn’t imagine doing any thing else.


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