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There are lies, damn lies, and Amnesty International


Shamnesty International recently issued their most recent report crying about the evil taser gun. The report is an impressive 130 pages of biased reporting and slanted figures. It is obvious that Amnesty International had a predetermined conclusion and made sure the study reflected that conclusion. Hardly scientific research.

In fact, what Amnesty neglects to tell you is that every single unbiased independent study has shown that the taser is a safe device. One study Amnesty loves to bring up is an Air Force study that showed taser use causing damage to the heart tissue of pigs. What they neglect to mention is the Air Force study involved tasing the pigs for a full three minutes, waiting an hour, then doing it again. Tasers are designed to cycle for seconds then stop. That’s hardly three minutes. Even multiple tasers being used on a person at once won’t cause that kind of effect.

Amnesty also likes to make a big production of mentioned various tasing incidents in a way that puts them in the most negative light, especially when the subject died. What they fail to mention is that the autopsies consistently clear the taser as a source of death. If you look at the reports, most of the people who die are under the influence of some illegal substance and there is no evidence that the outcome would have been different if the taser wasn’t used.

People in that excited delirium state often die after a prolonged struggle due to the body overheating. It happens when police wrestle with these folks and it happens when police pepperspray them. The only different now is that police have a tool that prevents the officer from being injured during the struggle.

The biggest thing about that report that pisses me off is how Amnesty keeps trying to show they are reasonable about the taser by saying they can see how it could be a useful tool in deadly force situations. They then make recommendations that it should only be used as a replacement to firearms.

That is a big negative! Those statements show how naive these people are. A taser is a great tool but it is not always effective. Heavy clothes interfere with the signal. The taser cartridges sometimes misfire and some people are just able to fight through the effects. If I am in a deadly force situation, am I going to take a chance on a taser or am I going to draw my gun? The gun is going to work everytime. I have talked with numerous officers who have said that if taser use is every restricted to only deadly force scenarios, they are just going to stop carrying it.

Go ahead and read that “study” and let me know what you think. Just don’t take their word for it. When they mention a taser incident, look it up and read it first hand. You will see that some important information is probably left out.

Amnesty needs to realize that the taser has been adopted by hundreds of departments and is here to stay. I understand that the same protests were made about OC spray when it first came out. Now it’s inconceivable that police officers wouldn’t be equipped with OC.

Now for some cool taser links:

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  1. Great article exposing Shamnesty International.

  2. pgg Says:

    ACLU tried to get our local Sheriff to only allow tasers in deadly force situations. The Sheriff laughed at them and told them if that was the case he would “order” his deputies to shoot the suspect instead. That was not the answer ACLU was looking for. Needless to say. The SO policy allows deputies to use the taser on anyone that is combative or resisting.

  3. CB Says:

    Granting police another less-than-lethal force option in, and of itself is patently humane. The Taser, by adding a level of force to the continuum, bolsters the safety of the public and the officers both. Amnesty would love a world where force in any form is unnecessary, but then again, wouldn’t we all? Until we reach Utopia, the police should be given every means to protect life. The Taser Device helps accomplish that task.

  4. Jenna Says:

    Good article. Injuries and death for suspects as well as officers are more likely without tasers than with them.

  5. kenny Says:

    You won for the Best Police resource


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