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Video: Police say prisoner conspires to kill witnesses in homicide
Police say prisoner conspires to kill witnesses in homicide case

Video: Relative of mother and daughter killed by alleged drunk driv
Tragedy struck Hobbs over the weekend, a mother and her 6-year-old daughter killed by a suspected drunk driver, but it gets worse. It’s not the first time this kind of tragedy has hit this family. “It’s devastating, there are no words to express the loss," said Angie Garza. Priscilla Mungia and her daughter Viviana Salomon were on the Lovington Highway Friday night when they were hit head on. Police say an Arizona man, Kevisen Gould, may have been drunk near Hobbs when he crossed the median and slammed into them. “The baby was killed instantly," said Garza. She says Priscilla and Viviana were always together. “She loved her mom dearly, she wouldn't do anything without her mom," said Garza. This is the second time, the family has been struck by tragedy. A suspected drunk driver killed Priscilla’s mom, Josephine Garza-Mungia, in New Mexico in 1980. Angie Garza raised Priscilla after her mom died. “But it’s devastating, there’s no words to express our feelings and what we're going through," said Garza. Three generations killed by a suspected drunk driver. “We’ve gone through this before and it never goes away, we learn to live with it, but the pain doesn't ever go away," said Garza. Compounding the tragedy, Priscilla and Viviana’s bodies are still in Albuquerque. The family says Viviana still needs to be identified by dental records. “Don’t drink and drive, I mean we don't have to get crazy to have a good time,” said Garza. “There's too much pain and loss and every beer bottle that's emptied, somebody's life is in jeopardy."

Video: Family faces accused killer in court
They’ve waited six years for their loved one's accused killer to face a judge. Now that it's happened, an Albuquerque family hopes he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. Raul Pena was on the run for 5 years, but federal marshals finally caught up with him last year in Mexico. He was just recently extradited to Albuquerque where he’s facing a murder charge for allegedly gunning down Robert Chavez. "We've been waiting for a long, long time to get justice for my nephew,” said Jackie Pena, Chavez’s aunt. In 2008, police say Pena was just 17-year-old when he gunned down 34-year-old Chavez at an Albuquerque gas station after the two got into a fender bender. "This coward shot my brother senselessly and ever since that day we haven't been the same," said Chavez’s aunt, Melissa Scott. Now that he's in custody, Chavez's mom wants to sit down with her son's accused killer face to face. "I would say why did you kill my son,” said Celina Chavez. “Why did he do it." Pena is also facing attempted murder and kidnapping charges from a 2010 case involving his girlfriend.

Video: Private investigator under investigation
There's new information on a former Kern County Sheriff's lieutenant accused of illegally trying to access confidential information from the sheriff's computer system.