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Video: Santa Barbara County Sheriff's candidates forum
Candidates answer questions in Goleta

Video: 16 years later, serial rapist jailed; Santa Fe victim speaks
my life. But to relive it 16 years later is horrific... she was 16 years when she was attacked by a serial rapist. almost 20 years later, kelley hollinsworth's attacker -- toby greigo -- is behind bars -- convicted of raping 4 other women in montana... and tonight, only on four... she sits down with caleb james. and kelley's story is one of incredible triumph over darkness... over the 16 years since her attack she's refused to let it destroy her... It was homecoming. IN 1997, kelley hollingsworth was 16 ... she was sitting in her car in front of a homecoming party when this man -- toby greigo -- changed everything. He put a knife to my head and said shut up, all I want is your car.' THAT'S NOT ALL GREIGO wanted. He tore my clothes off, he sexually assaulted me, he tied me up with some of my clothes. greigo used bottled water to wash kelley's body... then he drove her back to that party... in the trunk of the car. when she told santa fe police, they didn't believe her story -- thought she was covering for a boy at the party. but cops would later catch greigo for other charges. They opened his trunk and found my stuff. That's when I think they really started paying attention. GREIGO GOT 8 years for several assaults, and burglaries. in jail, he confessed to raping hollingsworth... with a plea deal, it got him an extra year. he went to montana after his release -- last monday he was convicted of raping four women there... Every sexual assault, he gets... Wiser. HE EVEN WASHED THEM afterward, just like kelley. Listening to the victims stories; it's my story all over again... but kelley's story is unique... for one big reason. I made it... An absolute point not to be a victim. kelley hollingsworth ... is now dr. kelley ryals -- she married her high school sweetheart and followed a life long dream to become a dentist.... she's also a captain the national guard. It's because of this. SOMETHING she says she may never have done without a supportive mother and a reason to fight. If it wasn't, I don't know if I'd have the drive to do all this. and to those women in montana... to anyone else who's been wronged. When you try to deal with it yourself, you're not going to be able to. Find support any way you can. kelley has used her experience to help other women too -- she's volunteered for the santa fe rape crisis center for many years. tom?

Video: Surveillance video catches burglar in act
what's worse than realizing your business has been burglarized? hearing there is nothing police can do about it. that's the nightmare for the owners of sheila's sweets. but they're hoping you can help end it. it didn't take long... he was in the building for 11 seconds and he was gone ... HE didn't get away with much... tiny bit of change in it most of the change landed on the floor and although police showed up, sheila bivens doesn't have much to go on. im happy that they came right away that they cleared the building didn't let us come in to make sure it was safe but i'm not happy we were told that's about all we can do for you BECAUSE THE burglar used gloves... so police didn't dust for fingerprints. but bivens has three minutes of pretty good surveillance video. including different angles of the man who broke into her restaurant early tuesday morning. she's doing whatever it takes to have as many people see it as possible. it's not just my restaurant I know i've heard of two others yesterday morning that were broken into AND THAT'S why she called and gave us her surveillance video ... if he thinks he can get away with it he's going to continue we called a-p-d to ask them about biven's claims on how the officers investigated-- they have not yet called us back. you can watch the entire surveillance video from the break-in on k-o-b dot com.

Video: Critics say lapel-cam policy needs work
there are a lot of unanswered questions tonight surrounding the police shooting of 19 year old truck theft suspect mary hawkes. police aren't releasing much information-- and there's no video to show us what happened. " We were not able to recover any video from officer Dear's on-body camera system. It's one thing to have a policy, it's another thing to enforce that policy. a-p-d chief gorden eden couldn't tell us why officer jeremy dear's lapel camera video wasn't available-- where hawkes was hit-- or how many times. chief eden would only say hawkes pointed a semi-automatic handgun at officer dear-- then he shot and killed her. dear's lapel cam has been sent to the manufacturer to see if there is anything on it. using lapel cameras more effectively was one of the first things the department of justice told a-p-d to do in its report released 2 weeks ago. but critics say today's developments prove there are still problems. we wanted to know how a-p-d stacks up against other cities --and what, exactly, they could be doing better. erica zucco looked into it. we confirmed that all of the green states here are trying lapel cameras in at least one of their police departments. as for departments recently investigated by the d-o-j... all of those cities are considering cameras... four are actively testing them ... and only three actually have them in place. clearly a-p-d is on the right track -- but critics say there's still work to do. the impact lapel camera video can make is clear. a recording of officers shooting james boyd in the foothills sparked mass protests and a federal investigation. images of a young boy on a child abuse call months before police say he was kicked to death by his mother sparked the city of albuquerque to re-evaluate its handling of abuse cases. a-p-d's lapel camera policy mandates that officers use cameras on all high-stakes calls. but critics say too often -- they forget or choose not to TURN THEM ON. It's one thing to have a policy, it's another thing to enforce that policy. Unfortunately what we've seen in the past is APD has not been very assertive in enforcing the policy. the d-o-j agrees. in their findings on a-p-d, they write that use of lapel cameras has been "highly inconsistent" ... with officers forgetting to turn on cameras "numerous times." a-p-d says officers who break the rules are punished with anything from a reprimand letter to suspension... but the d-o-j says they believe a-p-d rarely follows through with those consequences. apd critics say cameras are crucial to reducing use of force ... and citizen COMPLAINTS. We feel like every encounter should be taped. We understand officers have experienced some inconveniences in terms of turning on the cameras when they're in the heat of the moment but there must be ways to work around that there's no good study showing the difference cameras make in albuquerque... but a study in rialto california found that even with only half of their department wearing cameras... complaints against officers went down 88 percent and use of force was down 60 percent.