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Oh Man, Busses are Heavy!

One of’s police officers shares this story from work recently. -Xiphos

I had to go to downtown Los Angeles last night to drop off a commendation I wrote for a dispatcher (he helped us take an armed robbery suspect into custody without incident). After I drop it off, I drive toward the freeway. As I get to Temple and Spring St, I get about five people yelling and darned near jumping on my hood trying to flag me down. “Crap, another fender-bender,” I think.

But these people are so frantic, I get this feeling….you know the one. A little adrenaline squeezes out, a little hair stands up on the back of your neck, and you instinctively reach for the holster snap…

I look where they are pointing and I realize my day, as shitty as it just got, is not as fucked up as the small Asian lady that just had a city bus roll over her from her ankles to her jaw.

I look and immediately realize she’s done. I also see the female bus driver is freaking out….and understandably so. She keeps looking at the victim and screaming. I radio for 2 units, medics, and traffic units, with an emergency response.  This is a huge scene I could not handle alone. Then I walked the bus driver back to her bus with my arm around her, telling her that I really needed her to stay there.

As I looked up, witnesses were leaving, and fucking people were trying to drive over the victim so they could go home. God forbid they are inconvenienced in the least way… I hate people.

So, I grab the last 2 witnesses I have identified so far and get their driver licenses so they can’t leave.

The bus driver is back at the victim, and still freaking out. I look at the victim and see why the driver is freaking out. The victim is breathing. She is flat as a pancake, lost almost all her blood, and she’s breathing. My GOD, if she’s still alive she is in an incredible amount of pain, and there is not a damn thing I can do. I get back on the radio and demand an ETA, knowing full-well that the medics are en route and will get there as fast as they can. This is getting ugly now.

Finally, two of my units arrive. This was probably three minutes into the whole incident. I get them to interview the witnesses. I grab the first LAPD unit and have them start taping off the intersection. Medics and LAFD arrive, and I send 2 firefighters to stay with the bus driver…she’s mental jello by now. I take a couple pictures of the victim for documentation of her location and position, before medics move her.

I read in the news that the victim died at the hospital. GAWD, I hope she didn’t suffer too much. But I’ll tell ya….this one sucked. I have not seen a flat person before this call. I have seen fragmented train victims, but not flat. Yeah, this one sucked. She was a true victim, and I feel for the bus driver.

Sleep wasn’t too good last night.

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  1. Buttercup Says:

    What a tragic situation, those few minutes must have seemed like an eternity. I hope that the victim, although still alive at the time, did not comprehend what happened and was in no pain. I also hope that you’re sleeping through the night.

  2. CTR man Says:

    Having to witness someone dying before your eyes is not easy. Whether it be a parent who has lived their life, or as in this case, a complete stranger that has been run over by a bus, it is still hard.

    Be safe, try to get some sleep, we need you.

  3. Jenna Says:

    That’s horrible! May the victim rest in peace. I hope you can get some sleep as well.

  4. KaiGywer Says:

    Wow. Brings back memories. Had this exact thing happen to my best friend in high school, only he lived. I still remember getting the phone call from my mom (his mom called my mom, I was out of town) that he had been in an accident, but was awake and has asked for me. I went straight to the hospital.

    He went rollerblading down a huge steep hill ending in a T-intersection. Upon realizing he couldn’t stop, he jumped the hood of a car coming from the left, missing the fact there’s a bus coming from the right. He went under the bus and the rear dualies ran him right over. He was in the hospital for months. This happened in August. Four months later, he made a goal to walk around the Christmas tree at our school’s Christmas party. He did it.

    I gotta give it to him though, he saw humor in the situation. With all the suffering he went through, he was happy the gap between the rear wheels was just large enough to save in his words, “the crown jewels”.

  5. Jenna Says:

    That’s amazing, KaiGwyer! Glad your friend survived!

  6. SRab Says:

    Man, that’s a bad night indeed. You did a great job keeping things in control and perspective on scene, and gave that patient some dignity. I’d tell you to try and get some rest, but you know as well as I do it’s gonna be more than one night. That’s ok. You earned it, so do get some good sleep soon.


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